Sipcam | Innovation Not Imitation 2019-11-23T04:47:52+00:00

Sipcam Australia is a leading supplier of farm chemicals to rural Australia. With global economies of scale in manufacture and a highly efficient distribution network, Sipcam brings a new level of value to the crop protection market.


Since being established in Italy in 1946, Sipcam’s mission has been to create an original and qualified link between global chemical research and the needs of the market. More than 70 years later including the last 20 in Australia, a focus on innovation remains fundamental to the company’s business philosophy. Sipcam has established strategic relationships with some of the worlds key raw material suppliers to provide an ever expanding product range.

Many of these products are patented or data protected including leading brands like Echo 900, Delfin, Gemstar, Domark, Ecopar, Terbyne Xtreme and Pyresta.
We are committed to investing in our people as they continue to develop new chemistry and brands to provide a new level of value to the crop protection market.
Innovation – not imitation – is the Sipcam philosophy.